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Retired Maine State Police Major Crimes Detective

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With over 25 years of dedication in law enforcement, working with Maine State Police and the FBI, Pike Investigations offers unparalleled expertise and proven reliability. Our founder, has an extensive background as a homicide investigator, leading complex investigations from start to finish and testifying in court. With a Top Secret Clearance level obtained while working for the FBI, she has also played a vital role in investigating counter terrorism cases both domestic and international. Her experience extends to Presidential Security details, surveillance, and counter surveillance. When you trust Pike Investigations, you can be confident that you’re getting the highest level of professionalism and skill in the industry.

Law Enforcement and Investigation Training

  • First Responder Course Maine State Police Academy
  • OUI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Maine State Police Academy
  • At-Scene Accident Investigation
  • Intoxilyzer Operation
  • INS/Alien Data Base
  • Winning the OUI Crash Case
  • Civil Disturbance, and Defensive Tactics
  • Basic Community Policing
  • Child Abuse Investigation
  • Field Training Officer (FTO)
  • Civil Liability
  • Sexual Assault Investigation Training
  • Highway Interdiction
  • The Reid Technique of Interview and Interrogation
  • Homicide Prevention Maine
  • Domestic Violence
  • Interview and Interrogation
  • Juvenile Law and Procedures
  • A Symposium for Child Abuse Professionals
  • Incident Command System, Level 300
  • Incident Command System – Intermediate
  • Search and Seizure
  • Law Enforcement Response to Weapons of Mass Destruction Ethical Decision Making
  • Drugs That Impair Driving
  • Drugs That Impair Driving II
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Evidence Collection
  • Identifying the Predominant Aggressor
  • Serious Injury Crash Investigations
  • Serious Injury or Fatal Motor Vehicle Crash
  • Basic Crisis Negotiation Course
  • Sex Crimes Investigation
  • Investigating Domestic Related Homicides
  • Precision Immobilization Technique (PIT) Training
  • Homicide Conference Delaware
  • Death Notification, Victim’s Compensation Program, Parents of Murdered Children
  • Meth Manufacturing, Bath Salts
  • Major Crimes Unit Training
  • Leadership in Police Organizations
  • Interview and Interrogation, Response to Use of Force Resulting in Death
  • ERT Response to Major Scenes,
  • Crime Lab Process and protocols
  • Unsolved Homicide Unit
  • Post-Mortem Intervals
  • Conducting Unexplained Child Death Investigations
  • Computer Crimes Investigations
  • Faro Scanner, FBI Vicap Program
  • Critical Incident Debriefing Team
  • Child Forensic Interview Training
  • Criminal Intelligence Section

Specialized Training

  • Substance Abuse Counselor
  • Train-the-Trainer Safe Schools Program
  • Firearms qualifications handgun and rifle
  • NAMI Difficult and Dangerous Persons
  • Applicant Background Investigations Gray
  • Secret Service Training (motorcade and counter surveillance)
  • Elder Abuse
  • Responding to Sexual Assault Calls
  • Understanding Sexual Assault
  • Extremists/Hate Groups
  • FBI Undercover School
  • Narcan Training
  • Lowlight/ Night Shoot Training
  • Restricted Access to Dangerous Weapons
  • Use of Oleoresin Capsicum
  • Tire Deflating Device (Stinger Spike System) Hostage/Barricaded Subject Incident Training
  • Internal Affairs Division Portland, Maine
  • Roadblocks-Pursuit Situations
  • Response to Occurrences Involving Persons Exhibiting Symptoms of Deviant Behavior
  • Sex Offender Community Notification¬†
  • Digital, Audio, Video or Other Recording of Law Enforcement Interviews of Suspects in Serious Crimes and the Preservation of Investigative Notes and Records in Such Cases
  • Barricaded Persons and Hostage Situations
  • Responding to Incidents Involving Persons Exhibiting Deviant Behavior
  • Responding to Incidents Involving Domestic Violence Reporting and Investigating Bias-Motivated Incidents
  • Citizens’ Access to Police Records

Counter-Terrorism & National Security

  • Counterterrorism: “Mindset of Islamic Extremist”
  • Money Laundering/Terrorist Financing
  • Counter-Terrorism Training – Pakistani Fundamentalist Training
  • Introduction to International Terrorism
  • Introduction to Counterintelligence
  • Introduction to Domestic Terrorism
  • State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training Program
  • Joint Terrorism Task Force Educational Initiative
  • Presidential Counter-Surveillance training

Digital & Technical Proficiency

  • CJIS Security Awareness
  • Computer Crime Basics
  • Sources of Electronic Evidence
  • Confidential Human Source Policy Manual Training
  • FISA Management System NSL Subsystem Training
  • National Security Letters
  • FISA Standard Minimization Procedures
  • Use of Digital Cameras
  • Exposure Control Plan (DPS20)
  • Protocol for the Investigation of Deaths
  • Updated Death Investigation Protocol

Crisis Management & Response

  • Response to an Active Shooter/School violence
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Disaster Psychology
  • Light Search and Rescue
  • Medical Operations 1
  • Medical Operations 2
  • Crisis Negotiation Team Member 3 years

Professional Development & Leadership

  • The Theory and Practice of Leadership
  • Maine State Police Supervisor 101
  • National Center for Women and Policing Conference on Leadership
  • Attorney General’s Guidelines for Domestic FBI Operations
  • Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide FBI

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